About the Founders’ Guidebook


Founders’ Guidebook is a hub for entrepreneurs who want to learn the secrets of building a successful startup. It’s based on a series of posts, each one focusing on a different subject. It also offers different resources (e.g. budget worksheet, a work plan for investors, etc.).

My mission with the Founders’ Guidebook is to help other entrepreneurs to avoid the mistakes me and many other first time entrepreneurs have done. It’s what I have hoped to have as a novice entrepreneur.

I hope you’ll find the content in this site to be a real guide in the progress of building your startup. Please feel free to contact me with any ideas, comments or requests. I look forward to hearing from you!

About Me – Shahar Pitaru

I’m an entrepreneur, mentor and blogger. I help startups create a pitch deck that significantly increases their chance of getting funded – in just a few weeks.

I’m very active in the Israeli start-up scene. Among others, I mentor at Google Campus TLV, SeedCamp and MassChallenge.

I’m also the founder of the Startup Advisory Board group on Facebook, where experienced entrepreneurs help startups with their dillemmas and provide feedback on their pitch deck.