How To Become A Better Salesperson By Changing Your Attitude

Men Selling NewspaperIn my previous post I talked about the 6 prerequisites for selling your product. In this post I’ll focus on the first thing you need to do in order to become a better salesperson – changing your attitude towards what it really means to be a successful salesperson.

Being a good salesperson doesn’t mean being manipulative

Most entrepreneurs hate sales and don’t think they can be good salespersons. The main reason is that salespersons are perceived as manipulative people. However, the days of selling by manipulations are over. If fact, the contrary is true. Successful salespeople avoid manipulation and focus on understanding the prospect’s problems and showing her how the product solves her specific problems.

Now I assume, that if you decided to be an entrepreneur, you truly believe that your product is superior to your competitors’ ones. Otherwise, you wouldn’t take the risk of founding a startup. So if that’s the case, then there’s no reason to feel that you’re doing something wrong or manipulative when selling your product. Instead, you should feel that you’re giving your customers what you believe is the best product out there.

Your product is worth to the customer more than what he’s paying for it

The sixth prerequisite in my previous post said that prospects will buy your product only if they feel that the products’ benefits are worth more than its price. So don’t feel like your giving your prospects a bad deal. Instead, think about selling your product as giving your prospects something that is worth more than the price they are paying for it.

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