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What Are Typical Discount Tiers For A Rolling Investment Round?

Rolling Investment

In many investment rounds, there is a certain range of capital that the company is asking to raise. For example, in seed rounds, many companies seek to raise a minimum of $500,000 but not more than $1,000,000. The idea for having a minimum amount is that the startup needs this amount to achieve the next […]

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Bootstrapping vs. Fundraising – Part 2

money in jeans pocket

Deciding whether to bootstrap your startup or raise capital is usually quite difficult. In my previous post, I’ve covered the objective factors you should consider.  Just as important, there are some subjective factors you should add to the equation. These factors are subjective, since they’re mostly about your personal aspirations, your risk tolerance and the way you […]

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Bootstrapping vs. Fundraising – Part 1

Money and credit card in jeans

Deciding whether to bootstrap your startup or take the more common fundraising route is usually very difficult. The problem is that there’s usually no right or wrong answer, since there are both objective and subjective factors in the equation.  In this post, I’ll try to cover the main objective factors you should consider: What are […]

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How To Approach A Business Contact You Don’t Know?


Whether it’s for fundraising, business development or sales activities, being able to contact people you don’t know is a significant factor on your way to success. So here’s a short guide of Do’s and Don’ts. One big don’t is cold calling people.  Even if you’re lucky enough to be answered, most chances are that the […]

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What Do Investors Consider As A Great Team?

Team holding hands

Many people have great ideas, but only few can execute well. Hence, the first and foremost important factor for investors is the quality of the team. If an investor doesn’t believe that you can make the dream come true, there’s no chance he’ll move forward. Notice that I’m using the term ‘team’ rather than ‘founder’. […]

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