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Why You Should Share Your Startup’s Idea ASAP?

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Many entrepreneurs are afraid to share their idea for a startup at its early stages. The main reason is the fear of someone stealing their idea. This fear is rarely realistic for three reasons. First, in reality, those who actually have the ability to steal and properly execute an idea are anyhow too busy with […]

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How To Validate Your Startup’s Idea Before Developing The Product?

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Today, when the Lean Startup movement is so wide spread, it became almost non-professional to build a product before first validating the business need. So how does one validate the business need without a product and with no marketing budget? First, let’s distinguish between products and services that target medium and big enterprises, and those […]

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Increase Your Startup’s Valuation By Proving Assumptions

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A startup’s valuation is determined by two major factors: the business opportunity and the level of uncertainty. The business opportunity is usually the possible return on investment at exit (i.e. IPO or M&A). The level of uncertainty is usually the number of assumptions in the business plan that need to be proved, and their impact […]

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